New “Tab Search” Feature In Google Chrome

New “Tab Search” Feature In Google Chrome

Even a RAM-EATING Application, Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Users says it is useful because of its features and large number of extensions. Now, according to a new report, Google Chrome will bring a new feature for desktop users called “tab search”.

I used to open multiple tabs while working, if you are like me, then we are in luck. This feature will let users search for tabs using keywords. This will make managing tabs super-easy.

According to reports, Google will release this feature to end-users very soon. Now, the “tab search” feature is hidden with the flag #Enable-Tab-Search.

We can enable the feature in Chrome Browser by updating Chrome Flags. Even if you enable the feature from Chrome flags, it won’t be available for use. Because Microsoft is yet to enable the feature.

The “tab search” feature will be released for Chrome OS users first. Other platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS will get this feature in their latest updates.

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Nazal TK
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