How to play 2 songs in one earphone

How to play 2 songs in one earphone

Hello Guys,

Have you ever thought of playing 2 songs in a single earphone so that you can share it with your friend or lover. Ofcourse, you will have a question that Why should I play 2 songs at a time? What if your friend or lover don’t like the songs that you are hearing.

Yes, So that can happen that you need to play multiple songs at a time in an earphone. So, SPLIT CLOUD is an Android based application that helps you to play multiple songs in different ear piece of an earphone. You can find more details about this application from the video below. The video below shows How it works?

And you can download the Application from the link below:

I hope this application looks interesting and you liked it. If yes, Do share it with your friends and start sharing the music. Not music actually, Start sharing the earphones.

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Nazal TK
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