How to Automate Process in Smart Phone?

How to Automate Process in Smart Phone?

Yes, it is possible to automate processes in the smart phone by using an application. By using this application, we can set the targets to click in the order we want.

This application supports 2 ways for automation.

  • Single Mode
  • Multi Mode

Single mode means it will allow us to select a single point on the screen and once the automation is started it will keep clicking on that position.

Multi mode means we can set any number of points on the screen and once automation is started application will click in the order that we have configured.

It also allows us to give delay between clicks, give maximum number of time we want to execute the process.

Sorry I forget to introduce the name of Application that will help you to automate the process in Smart phones. It is known as AutoClicker. Find below for the download link.

Download now

Start automating process in your smartphones and have fun!

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Nazal TK
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