Facebook Short Videos: How to enable it on Your Phone

Facebook Short Videos: How to enable it on Your Phone

By the launch of YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, Facebook is now testing a similar ‘Short Videos’ feature on its app in India. Using Facebook Shorts, you can watch and create TikTok-like short videos directly from the app. Here’s how to get Facebook’s short video feature on your phone.

Get Facebook Short Videos on Your Phone

Creators will be able to add music and pause and record similar to TikTok. Once created, you can share the video that will appear in the ‘Short Videos’ section on Facebook. The video duration maxes out at 26 seconds, longer than Reels‘ 15-second limit.

Facebook is currently testing the ‘Short Videos’ feature in India since it’s the largest market for short videos, by the TikTok ban.

To enable the feature in your phone, you don’t need to do anything specific. Most users will be able to see it directly on the Facebook app’s homescreen while scrolling through the feed view. You can tap to watch videos or use the Create option to post your own videos, Once you see the short videos tab.

It may not appear for everyone since the feature is still going through the testing phase. Make sure that you’re running the latest version of Facebook. I got the feature on Facebook app v283.

Facebook was looking to launch a dedicated short-video application called ‘Lasso’. But, they dropped its plans ahead of the launch of Instagram Reels. And now, it seems they are going to wrap it inside the main Facebook APP itself.

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