COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Notifier

COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Notifier

Vaccination slots are now open for all between 18 and 44 years as well, but getting an appointment is pretty difficult as slots are being filled up fast and searching through the CoWIN portal manually is very slow, likely because of the huge number of people trying to search for slots to get vaccinated. A number of developers have created resources to make it easier to find out when the next slot is available nearby, to make it easier and faster to book a COVID vaccination slot through the CoWIN platform. These resources help people find appointments in these very difficult times.

In this article, I will be sharing with you one such portal that will help you to find the COVID vaccination slot faster. In this portal, Users just need to submit their preference of vaccination center location, either by Pincode/ District.
Once the slot is available at the preferred location, the portal will notify you by push notification with the center details. It’s interesting, right? I feel yes. If you feel interesting head into the portal, submit your preference, and make things faster. Peace.

Written by
Nazal TK
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